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Rules of Study Courses for All Degrees (Diploma Master / PhD)

  1. The course is calculated by the number of teaching hours per week.
  2. Each course has a final exam of no less than 75% of the total grade of the course.
  3. The student has the right to delete or add any course before the end of the second week of the semester (fall or spring) or the first week of the summer semester without showing the course that was deleted in his certificate without any additional study fees, After the approval of the instructors of the added courses, which was deleted and approved by the academic advisor or scientific supervisor.
  4. The student is allowed to withdraw from the course after registration, before the end of the sixth week of the beginning of the semester (the third week of the summer semester), after completing the related form and the approval by the instructor of the course, In this case, the credit hours of this course are not counted for the student.
  5. The course, which he studied and passed for more than five years at the time the student obtained the degree, is not counted for the student.
  6. Courses previously studied by the student at the same university or any other university may not be transferred and passed for more than five years at the time of obtaining the degree.
  7. The student is not allowed to enter the final exam until 75% of the course hours have been attended. In case of not attending this percentage, the student is considered to be an involuntary withdrawal of the course, his testimony shows FW.
  8. The student who is unable to enter the final exam for a course or complete some of his requirements for compelling reasons accepted by the College Council and has led at least 75% of the requirements of the course receives an Incomplete (I) assessment and the performance of the next semester exam by completing the requirements of the course in the f0llowing semester, Otherwise the student will receive a compulsory withdrawal assessment (FW).
  9. Estimates (FW), (W) and (I) are calculated for study hours and are not included in the GPA.
  10. In the case of a student re-study of a course, the additional re-course is calculated as a repeated course when calculating the GPA, but the higher estimate of this course is shown in his testimony.
  11. A student who is rated less than (C) will not be counted within the hours required to obtain the grade if he does not improve it, but it is included in the GPA.
  12. A student who is awarded a lower than (C) grade is required to repeat the course if it is compulsory. As for elective courses, he may re-register in the same course or replace it with another elective course.
  13. The student's the research hours are considered as a course for him / her and enter into the GPA.
  14. GPA is calculated according to the following equation: The total points of the hours of all courses taken by the student from Benha University divided by the total hours of all courses.
  15. The student has the right to re-enroll in any course that has been successful or failed in order to improve his assessment in this course.