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Upon the proposal of the Faculty Council, the University of Benha will grant the Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Arts from the following scientific sections.

Scientific department Specialties
1 Department of Arabic Language and Literature

literary and critical studies

Language studies

•        Islamic studies

2 Department of English Language and Literature • General specialization
3 Department of French Language and Literature
  • General specialization
4 Department of History

  Ancient History

Greek-Roman History

Intermediate history

•  the modern history

•  Islamic history

•  Egyptian Antiquities

• Islamic monuments

5 Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems

Natural geography

Human geography

• Maps

6 Department of philosophy

Philosophy and its history

• Islamic philosophy

7 Department of sociology General specialization
8 Department of psychology General specialization
9 Department of Library and Information General specialization
10 Department of Media (*) ---------------


* Presented to the Media Sector Committee.