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Faculty of Art - Benha University
بسمة الشافعى

بسمة الشافعى

The university‘s council decides to pay 500 l.E for the employees of Benha University on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year 2018/2019. 

The governor of Qulubia participates in the meeting that was held under the presidency of prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby, the university president. The governor says that the governorate must cooperate with the university to solve the governorate problems and university president stresses that the university is house of experience for the governorate. 

Under the presidency of prof.Dr. Hussien EL-Magraby, the acting president of Benha University, the introductory day of Benha University’s new programs will be held at the conference hall in the faculty of commerce.

The governor of Qulubia and the university president attend the inauguration of the first conference of quality management in the faculty of medicine as a fruitful cooperation between the governorate and the university. 

 The international relationship office announces that there will be two Scival workshops at the small conference hall in the faculty of commerce on wendesday, 

The measurement and assessment center that is attached to the higher education projects in the ministry of higher education and scientific education announces the rankings of the centers as the measurement and assessment center wins the 1st place at the Egyptian universities scale.

The central agency of organization and administration announces the training programs of the years 2018/2019. 

Prof.Dr. Alaa Abd EL-Halim stresses that the governorate seeks to cooperate with Benha University to establish a new specialized hospital to serve the inhabitants of Qulubia governorate and provide a quality healthcare to all of them.

The faculty of veterinary medicine organizes many workshops to hone the capabilities of the faculties’ members in the scientific projects in cooperation with the German authority of scientific exchange. These workshops are designed for hone their capabilities regarding the scientific writing and problem- solving techniques.

Benha University’s council chooses three professors in the university-president selection committee. This selection takes place on Sunday under the presidency of prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby and prof.Dr. Alaa Abd EL-Halim.

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